Jerry & Shelley Lawson founded Frog Bikes in 2013.

It was a fruitless bike hunt for their own two children that inspired them to leave their corporate careers behind and create bikes just for kids. As they set about creating quality, lightweight & affordable kids’ bikes Frog Bikes was born. Five years down the line and Frog’s child-centred approach has earned them global accolade; industry awards for innovation and design, an award-winning factory, around 1,800 retailers worldwide and thriving partnerships.

Frog bikes take away the stress of teaching children to ride. They commissioned primary research from Brunel University Sports Scientists to create child specific geometry for all of our bike frames. Their Frog Fit technology allows all stockists to measure a child and ensure the best fit for every young rider. Everything from the bike geometry to the quality components, has been expertly designed and selected to make a child’s journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Features such as adjustable brakes and our handlebar stem add-on provide room for growth, whilst the shorter cranks, scaled down handlebars and easy to reach brake levers assist comfort so they can travel further and faster.

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