No two bikes are quite the same, so all our servicing is offered on a bespoke basis. We will check your bike over and give you an estimate of repair costs, for you to approve, before we start any repairs.

All servicing costs are labour only; parts will be charged separately.

Should repairs for any reason escalate beyond your initial estimate, we will contact you before proceeding any further.

Please be sure to ask us if you have any questions, when we call or email to give you your estimate.

Aside from ad-hoc repairs (such as a puncture repair), servicing starts at £45, which covers a complete operation and safety check of your bike. This is designed to ensure your bike is completely road or trail ready. Please note this does not include parts.

Should you decide not to go ahead with your estimated repairs, an assessment fee of £20 will be incurred.


Ad-Hoc Servicing

We also offer an ad-hoc service option for those unplanned issues, that we know as riders ourselves can crop up when you least want them. Get in touch for our availability and an estimate.