Depending on the brand there may be different warranty turnaround times on products.

However, here are some the things that are not included as warranty:

  • Stripped pedal threads. Please ensure you attach the correct pedal to the correct side of the bike and do them up carefully and in line with the crank thread, using the correct pedal spanner or allen key, tightening to manufacturers recommended torque value.
  • Damage from causes other than defects in material or manufacture. For instance, if damage is caused by crashing your bike, it will not be covered under warranty.
  • Normal wear and tear. Components may show signs of wear and tear depending on amount of use, type of use and other conditions. Some components can be expected to reach the end of their normal lifespan sooner than others.
  • Damage to products improperly installed or repaired.
  • Products that have been modified, neglected or poorly maintained.
  • Electric bikes that have been derestricted or had self-done work on the motors.

In order to assess your fault/warranty claim, please make sure you provide us with:

Serial number from the product, photo(s) of the product, photo(s)/video of the fault, description of the fault, proof of purchase.

Should you receive your bike box in a damaged condition, please do not remove the bike from the box, but take photos of the damage straight away and contact us. Any other damage to the bike once out the box must be recorded and photographed.

All bikes are checked and fully assembled by a fully qualified Velotech mechanic, before partially disassembling for shipping. You will still have to do a partial build of some areas – adding pedals, fitting the handlebars etc. We will not be liable for any damage caused whilst you put your bike together. If in doubt please seek assistance from a qualified bicycle mechanic. 


If you wish to return an item please make sure it is unused and in its original packaging and has proof of purchase. Items are returned at your own cost.

Any bikes for return must be booked through us and shipping is chargeable to you at £35 (or you may choose to arrange your own shipment).

Please contact us on 01721 723423 or email: bspoke.cycles@yahoo.co.uk.