Who are Revel Bikes?

We are life-long bike revelers—a mix of dirt-bag bikers, die-hard creators, and business people. Since we’re rider-owned and privately-funded, we can do what we want. So we launched Revel Bikes to support our passion and achieve this goal: to build the absolute best full-suspension mountain bikes—ever.

Adam Miller, the owner and deep-rooted bike nerd who founded two previous bike companies. Jeremiah Starkey, former lead engineer at RockShox and Trust Performance, now leading all mechanical engineering aspects of our bikes (and he’s also our trusty COO). He collaborated with Chris Canfield, who designed and patented our truly magical suspension. Mike “Steezy” Giese, arguably the most talented industrial designer in the bike world, can also put any of us to shame on the bike. And he spent hundreds of hours making our products look as good as they ride. Chris Reichel helps us tell our story and keeps us having fun. Matt Drives the stoke around the country while Greg and Andy provide the very best customer service in the business.

To us, nothing beats that thrill of railing a berm or scrubbing over a jump with nothing to focus on but the trail ahead. So get on the best mountain bike and let’s go Revel the trail!

Looking for a new Revel Bike?

To view the latest models visit the official Revel website or talk to us and we can help you select a model that’s right for you.


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